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Don’t Buy Any Slowpitch Softball Bats Until You Read This

Tired of missing the playoffs in your slowpitch softball league? Before you scramble for ringers to put on your team take a look at your best slowpitch softball bats 2016. So many people start the season at a disadvantage because of their selection of bats. If you bought your bat at a sporting goods store chances are you bought an inferior stick. I’ll let you in on a secret. The best slowpitch softball bats are only online. I’ll tell you which ASA legal softball bats you should buy and which you should avoid.

Why do you need one of the best slowpitch softball bats? For starters certain bats hit the ball a lot farther then others. You ever wonder why some 9 hitters on the other teams can beat your outfielders deep every time. It has nothing to do with their offseason workout program. It’s all in their bat. The better the bat the better the pop. Not to mention these bats also have a longer life. Here is something you may not know. Slowpitch softball bats only have a certain number of hits in them before they lose their pop. The best bats last longer then the 100 dollar bats you can buy at Sports Authority or Dick’s. So By spending a little extra dough on a superior bat you actually will save money in the long haul. (more…)

It's white, stitched and recyclable best softball bats

It’s white, stitched, recyclable and best softball bats

A former third baseman for the double-A Dayton Dodgers, and a former tight end for the St. Louis Cardinals, Hasty is pitching recyclable best softball bats 2016 , an America-made product assembled in Haiti, where “it’s an art.”

Star Sports of Miami teamed up with Du Pont to use Surlyn, a recyclable material, for the core of Star Sportssoftballs.

“We are the only ball in the industry that has recyclable capabilities,” Hasty says. “We can recoup the material in our Surlyn core.”

Other softballs, are made of polyurethane, a toxic material, he notes. And they’re made in China or Taiwan.


Adrienne Leone

Friary, Whowell hit, Leone pitches in for Tigers

The Tigers were led by Adrienne Leone (5-1), who scattered seven hits, struck out five and walked one, giving her three walks this season. “She’s real cool under pressure,” said Taunton coach Ted Tripp. Taunton opened up the scoring in the first inning when Kate Silvia, who returned after injuring her ankle against Fenwick last week, hit a two-run single with two out. The Tigers went up, 3-0, on an unearned run in the third inning. The best fastpitch softball bats 2016 make the difference to the match. Aislinn Friary and Samantha Whowell broke the game open in the fourth inning. Second baseman Friary, who went 3-for-5, hit an RBI double. Whowell, the shortstop, hit a two-out, two-run double to give Taunton a 6-1 lead.



Fly camp, spike camp; a fantastic wilderness experience


Main camp offered a marvelous view of the Zambezi, with a perfect sunset over Zambian hills across the river. Hippos usually wandered among the tents at night, chomping noisily on choice grasses, and it was a certainty that we’d get the full symphony of hyenas on a nightly basis. Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park faced the camp, with the roaring of lions frequently drifting across the river. For the first several years we hunted and filmed with Chifuti Safaris, this camp was headquarters, and it became home for several weeks each year.

There was another option far to the south, a best camping tent simply called Fly Camp. It offered a bit more than a fly, but instead of the traditional heavy canvas safari tents, it was a one of the smallest cluster of light among those big tents for camping, with dining under the stars and the campfire looking out across the sandy bed of the Chewore River. In the years we hunted there, Fly Camp changed slightly every year depending on the floods, but it, too, became one of my favorite places. It’s definitely a best tent for a family (best family tent) or a group of adults. Elephants would frequently stroll down the riverbed, and there, the roaring of lions was up close and personal. (more…)


Judges reject baseball bat confession

A MAN jailed for murder lost his appeal against conviction yesterday despite claims by his best friend that he committed the crime himself.

Samuel Hill, aged 27, was sentenced in December 1988 after he was found guilty of using a baseball bat to kill Malcolm Barker during a brawl on a Hampshire housing estate the previous November. His friend, Dave Smith, was convicted of assaulting Mr Barker and sentenced to three years.

But after his release, he told the BBC TV programme, Rough Justice, it was he who wielded thebaseball bat that felled Mr Barker after he saw his friend beset by attackers.



The New 2013-14 Handmade Holidays Thailand and Burma Brochure

Australia’s leading Asian travel specialist Travel Indochina has put together a list of the top ten things to do in one of the world’s most dynamic destinations, Burma, to coincide with the release of its ‘2013-14 Handmade Holidays Thailand and Burma’ brochure, which features tailor-made itinerary options for independent travellers.

Burma has much to captivate visitors, from its beautiful temples and pagodas, to idyllic landscapes and British-colonial architecture.


Weather won't hurt travel in Canada

Weather won’t hurt travel in Canada

“Everyone in the travel business is feeling fairly optimistic about the summer season,” says Debra Ward of the Travel Industry Association of Canada in Ottawa. “If the weather holds off on weekends, you’re going to see lots of getaway travel.”

The long-term forecast for Canada east of the Rockies this summer is cooler and wetter than average, but better than last year. And even last year, which was considered to be a washout because of so many damp weekends, wasn’t much different in terms of tourism than 1991, Ward says. The weather got better after a wet June and July and business picked up at resorts in August.



Suzi Davis travel agency honored

American Express Travel has once again given Suzi Davis Travel in Bloomington the Representative Excellence Award. Twenty-five agency members of the American Express Travel U.S. Representative Travel Network were honored based on superior sales in meeting cruise and tour supplier goals or highest year-over-year sales growth. The winners receive a seven-day trip on the Silvesea Silver Spirit from Southampton, England, to Barcelona, Spain. It is the sixth consecutive year Suzi Davis Travel received the award. “From my perspective this shows the dedication of our people. Without them the good work that we do for so many would not be possible,” said company president Tim Davis. “It also speaks to the local loyal support of our customers, who seem to enjoy escaping the friendly confines from time to time.”



Budget travel U.S destinations are sweetening the pot for Canadians

January is one of the best times of the year to visit San Diego. That is when thousands of gray whales pass within 1,500 metres of the city’s shoreline. As many as 200 whales a day have been counted in mid-January, the height of the migration season. Whale- watching excursions by boat cost as little as $8 U.S. for two hours. At least one cruise operator, Invader Cruises Inc., is offering special rates for Canadians. (more…)


Zimbabwe: Country Faces Athletics Isolation

ZIMBABWE is heading for athletics isolation.The International Athletics Associations Federation (IAAF) yesterday gave Zimbabwe until tomorrow to hold elections or risk being banned by the world athletics governing body.

In a telephone interview from Monaco, France, Nicky Davies, the IAAF spokesperson, said athletes from Zimbabwe would not participate in international competitions if elections were not held. Davies said: “The president Lamine Diack, two weeks ago had a meeting with Leonard Chuene, who is on the ground on the matter pertaining to Zimbabwe. A letter was sent to Athletics Zimbabwe (AZ) to hold elections as soon as possible or risk the athletes’ participation in IAAF competitions. “The season is starting on 14 March and we expect elections to have been held by that time so that athletes from your country will be considered.”


Sports administrators in DeKalb County

High school football: The perfect system?

Sports administrators in DeKalb County say they have the best high school athletics system in the state. All gate receipts from athletics competition go into general coffers, which then pay for all the athleticsprograms. The 19 high schools and 30 middle schools share five football stadiums, and the county recently issued booster club guidelines that forbid parents from taking on debt for the athletics program. DeKalb County athletics director Charlie Henderson, athletics coordinator Ron Sebree and director of student activities Randall Lee sat down with staff writer Craig Custance to talk about the DeKalbathletics system.

Q: Your teams share football fields. Shouldn’t each school have its own stadium?

Charlie Henderson: For what? Why? That spending is bad when it comes to different booster clubs. A neighboring county had boosters come in and build a weight room, then the other boosters came in the next year and said, ‘We don’t want that weight room. We ain’t paying for that weight room.’ Who’s going to pay for all those things when you get into deficit spending?


Volvo Masters tennis tournament

A savage in Volvo Masters tennis tournament

By NORA McCABE Special to The Globe and Mail NEW YORK – Sweden’s Anders Jarryd executed a savage beating of countryman Henrik Sundstrom in the opening match of the $400,000 Volvo Masters tennis tournament last night.

Mercifully, Jarryd demolished his opponent – the hero of last month’s Davis Cup final against John McEnroe – 6-4, 6-1 in only 65 minutes. In other first-round action last night, Florida’s Johan Kriek, a feisty 26-year-old veteran, outslugged an overconfident and overeager Aaron Krickstein 7-5, 6-3.


Willie Hernandez

Hernandez accepts contract offer with Detroit Tigers

Relief pitcher Willie Hernandez says he will accept a $4.5-million contract offer with Detroit Tigers if the baseball club meets two conditions. One of the conditions for signing the four-year pact, he said yesterday in Puerto Rico, is that the club establish a 12-year system of deferred payments. He also wants the team to guarantee, during the last two years of the pact, that his salary will remain at least equal to salary of other Tiger pitchers. ” would sign the contract right now, if Detroit accepts a clause to pay me in the last two years the same money that whatever free agent signs that surpasses my salary,”he said. ” want the deferred payments to assure the future of myself and my family.” Hernandez, who had 32 saves and a 1.92 earned-run average in leading the Tigers to the American League pennant and the World Series title, has been seeking a four-year contract for $5-million. The lefthander would become a free agent March 15 unless he signs with Detroit. U. L. Washington will be sent to the Montreal Expos by the Kansas City Royals, according to a report in The Kansas City Star.


Baseball Bonanza

Baseball Bonanza awaits free agents

SINCE MAJOR-LEAGUE baseball’s re-entry draft last November, 15 free agents have signed contracts worth more than $55-million. Even Ted Turner, the free- spending Atlanta Brave owner, might consider $55-million to be a lot of money, but it could be a pittance compared with the kind of loot that may be in store for players entering the 1985 free- agent market. Many of the players eligible for free agency after the coming season will sign new contracts with their clubs before reaching the re- entry draft, but there are at least 100 players at the moment who are in a position to leave their current employers next November.



Cricketer Botham and his wife was arrested

English cricket star Ian Botham and his wife have been arrested on suspicion of alleged drug offences, police said yesterday.

A police spokesman said the Bothams were arrested at their home at Epsworth near here on New Year’s Eve and have been released on bail until Jan. 25 pending further inquiries.

The British domestic news agency, Press Association, reports a substance was found during a police raid and is being analyzed by forensic scientists. It did not identify the substance.

The agency said it has not yet been decided whether the cricketer and his wife, Kathy, will face charges. (more…)

West Indies cricketer

Aussies claim rival’s language just wasn’t cricket

West Indies cricketer Viv Richards was accused yesterday of using foul language during what degenerated into an acrimonious Test series against Australia. The charge was levelled by three Australian players following an onfield verbal slanging match in the fifth and final Test, won by Australia. The committee said Richards, after repeated foul language, also suggested a fist fight to settle differences.

The incident marked another low point in player relations during the series, in which the West Indies won the first three Tests and drew the fourth. When the series began in Perth on Nov. 9, both sides agreed there should be no sledging – cricket’s term for verbal abuse aimed at distracting opponents.


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