Don’t Buy Any Slowpitch Softball Bats Until You Read This

Tired of missing the playoffs in your slowpitch softball league? Before you scramble for ringers to put on your team take a look at your best slowpitch softball bats 2016. So many people start the season at a disadvantage because of their selection of bats. If you bought your bat at a sporting goods store chances are you bought an inferior stick. I’ll let you in on a secret. The best slowpitch softball bats are only online. I’ll tell you which ASA legal softball bats you should buy and which you should avoid.

Why do you need one of the best slowpitch softball bats? For starters certain bats hit the ball a lot farther then others. You ever wonder why some 9 hitters on the other teams can beat your outfielders deep every time. It has nothing to do with their offseason workout program. It’s all in their bat. The better the bat the better the pop. Not to mention these bats also have a longer life. Here is something you may not know. Slowpitch softball bats only have a certain number of hits in them before they lose their pop. The best bats last longer then the 100 dollar bats you can buy at Sports Authority or Dick’s. So By spending a little extra dough on a superior bat you actually will save money in the long haul.

The best bats have bigger sweet spots. A bigger sweet spot has an obvious advantage. The bigger the sweet spot the more room for error you have. If you hit the ball at the end of one of the better bats you can beat outfielders deep because they were designed to have a bigger sweet spot.

The Best slowpitch softball bats can help you win by extending the field. If you beat their outfielders deep it will make them play farther back. This allows you to drop in cheap bloops and extend innings for hours. I’m sure this has happened to you before. Time to return the favor.

Lastly, make sure that your bats are legal softball bats. Most leagues follow ASA guidelines. Below we have a review of the best ASA Legal Slowpitch softball bats. Before you spend 2 to 3 hundred bucks on a bat make sure you can actually use it because it is one of the ASA Legal Slowpitch softball bats.

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